Blood Flow Restriction

BFR is a type of exercise with natural and safe manipulation of the body's circulation system. While exercising with the device on, blood exiting your arms and legs is safely slowed down. This reduction in blood flow reduces available oxygen allowing your muscles to fatigue faster with less work.

When the muscle fatigues, a signal is sent to your brain, which results in a natural Human Growth Hormone (HGH) release that is up to 25 times greater than HGH release from regular exercise. These hormones send a signal back to your muscles to stimulate them. This results in strength and muscle gained in a much shorter amount of time.

In the rehabilitation setting, this is especially helpful for people who are unable to perform weight training with heavier weights, since you can accomplish the goal of getting stronger with much less weight.

Blood Flow Restriction Excercises Graphic Design Element
Man squating with blood flow restriction cuffs and bands

What is the device being used?

Your Neighbor Physical Therapy uses Bands from B3 Sciences. There bands are affordable, safe, and easy to use even for average consumers.

Blood Flow Restriction Bands on biceps and triceps

What are the health benefits of BFR

It can help reduce fat, increase muscle strength and endurance, boost energy and sleep better

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