Hands On Techniques

Hands-on techniques, known as manual therapy, are a set of specific techniques used to treat an array of musculoskeletal dysfunctions. It is a very personalized treatment since everyone has different anatomy. It is highly hands-on and combines art and science to meet your specific needs.

Physical Therapist massaging a client
Physical Therapist assisting a client with a stretch

Joint Mobilization & Manipulation

These are hands-on techniques meant to improve the range of motion of your joints. It is applied by stabilizing one part of a joint and applying manual pressure to the adjacent section. This technique is very help if you have stiff joints that need to be loosen up.

Shoulder massage
Neck Massage
Deep Tissue Shoulder Massage

Soft Tissue Work

This technique focuses on reducing pain by easing the tension of trigger points present in your muscles and other soft tissues. It is different from massage because its ultimate goal is not to promote relaxation but to improve permanent soft tissue function.

Physical Therapy Stretches
Neck Massage

Assisted Stretches

It is a passive stretch to obtain optimal muscle length that you would not have obtained by your own stretch. This technique is usually applied after the joints and muscles are loosened up.

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